How often should you schedule operational Maintenance?

After a successful installation of an Automatic Weather Station, users should plan for regular site visit checks.

They should also take into consideration sensor calibration requirements, maintenance and regular replacements (e.g. filters).


What should you consider before scheduling a site visit check?

Over the project duration, regular scheduled site visits shall be conducted. Always unsure you bring all necessary equipment, spares and tools to perform the maintenance and necessary replacements. Use checklists provided by your system integrator to verify each aspect of the installation.



Which Wind sensor require calibration and maintenance?

Each sensor has different calibration requirements. Always refer to the calibration procedure of your sensor manual or alternatively return the equipment to the sensor manufacturer for repair or calibration. Repairs to the sensors are usually only practicable in a workshop.

Wind sensor calibration maintenance

What information should you document?

Any information related to your wind installation should be documented. The following section provides a list of information which may be relevant to your meteorological reports.


Wind information document report