What information should you document?

Any information related to your wind installation should be documented.

The following section provides a list of information which may be relevant to your meteorological reports.

Wind information document report

Recording wind site information

A meteorological site data log file may typically include:

  • Site designation
  • File names of data sets
  • Start and end dates and times of the data set
  • Date and time of data transfer
  • Data transfer method: manual or remote
  • Confirmation of a valid data transfer: are data present?
  • Confirmation that data was archived
  • Date of database backup
  • Comments including problems and actions taken

A site activity sheet shall include:

  • Site Name
  • Site Description
  • Site Equipment List
  • Telecommunication Information
  • Contact Information
  • Technical visit information: date and time of site visit, future work to be performed.
  • In-House Preparation: List of necessary tools, equipment and supplies, spare part inventory, documentation, maps, and safety items.
  • On-site Activities: A sequential list of the various site activities, including equipment checks, data retrieval, tower-related work, and departure activities.
  • Findings and Recommendations: A detailed account of the work performed, findings, and observations, and if applicable, further required or recommended actions.