MET-LINK Wireless Interface for Maximet

Observator’s MET-LINK is a wireless interface for the Gill Maximet line of weather sensors. This new development allows the user to pair the Gill Maximet’s weather sensor parameters to a useful and full-featured tablet and phone application.


Product Description


MET-LINK is a compact field instrument. The sensor is connected to the wireless module for quick field or process reading. Logged records can be exported directly from the Android Application to email, Dropbox or any number of data destinations. Download the APP today and run in DEMO mode to become instantly familiar with intuitive operations.

The MET-LINK features:

  • Accurate Maximet sensor parameters
  • Portable Bluetooth interface
  • Wind and Weather display and logging

Simple to operate is upgradeable and can be customized with a wide range of accessories!

Technical specs


  • Bluetooth Module: SPP profile (up to 100m)
  • Gill Maximet RS422 NMEA (Streaming)
Power Supply:
  • Rechargeable Lithium Ion battery
  • Up to 4-5-hour operation depending on usage
Android App:
  • Weather Parameters displayed graphically, or as text fields
  • Configurable displays of all Maximet parameters Log files have embedded location, time & date, comments and photos
  • Logging of comma delimited data sentence
  • Statistic and smart Graph viewer tool
  • Fast data export
  • Quick & Remote Deployments
  • Portable Accurate weather readings
  • Fire Fighting
  • Tactical / Defense
  • Civil works and Safety
  • Wind-related sports



Download MET-LINK Spec
Download MET-LINK Manual
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