SYN-706 – Wind speed & Direction

Synchrotac SYN706 Series Heavy Duty Wind Speed and Direction Transmitter designed for general meteorological applications where accuracy, durability and long-term reliability are required even in severe climatic conditions.


Product Description

SYN-706 – Wind speed & Direction

The Synchrotac SYN706 series has a long history of reliable service in very aggressive environments such as in coastal tropical cyclone areas and oil rigs.

They are solidly constructed from naval bronze, brass, stainless steel and other corrosion resistant materials. Bearings are low friction stainless steel for a low starting threshold.

The instrument is sealed against dust, moisture and vermin ingress and mounts directly on a ¾ inch diameter (speed only) or 1½ inch diameter (speed & direction) male BSP thread. Special bearing lubricants ensure reliable operation over the temperature range and, under normal conditions, should give maintenance-free operation in excess of 10 years.


Three anemometer models and one wind direction model are available in the Synchrotac SYN706 series. The anemometer models available are:

  • The SYN732 – poly-phase linear generator;
  • The SYN734 – solated switch contact closure;
  • The SYN736 for opto-electronic pulse output.
  • The wind direction SYN706 section uses a single precision potentiometer.

The anemometer section may be purchased separately for wind speed only applications. For intrinsically safe and Ex applications, the SYN706 wind direction section and SYN734 wind speed section are classified as “Simple Apparatus” because they use passive sensors (potentiometer and switch) and there are no energy storage components within.

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Wind Speed Transmitter Section

Cup Diameter:

  • 127mm (5’’) internal
Turning Circle Diameter:
  • 457mm (18’’)
Body Diameter:
  • 102mm (4’’)
Overall Height:
  • 239mm (9.4’’)
Mass of Cup Set:
  • 0.95kg (2.1lbs)
Overall Weight:
  • 3kg (6.6lbs)
  • ¾” BSP Female Thread
Maximum Wind Speed:
  • >100m/sec (>200 knots)
  • ±3% above 5m/sec
Transfer Coefficient:
  • 0.35 revs/meter

Wind Direction Transmitter Section

Vane Length:

  • 457mm (18’’)
Turning Circle Diameter:
  • 914mm (36’’)
Body Diameter:
  • 109mm (4.25’’)
Overall Height:
  • 329mm (13’’)
Mass of Vane Assembly:
  • 1.1kg (2.4lbs)
Overall Weight:
  • 9kg 1(9.8lbs)
  • 1½” BSP Female Thread
Starting Threshold:
  • <0.7m/sec.
Mechanical Travel:
  • 360° (continuous)
Operating Temperature:
  • -40°C to +60°C


Download SYN-706 Spec
Download SYN-706-NMEA Manual



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