How to select the best location for a wind sensor installation?


With a clear strategy, users are ready to define the optimum location to install the instrumentation.

The height and the orientation of each piece of equipment must be clearly defined in order to prepare the site for installation.


How to screen the best location for a wind sensor installation?

Based on your project requirements, it may be required to identify the best location to implement a wind-study over a large area. The following section will detail some tips to help you identify your location requirements.


best location for wind sensor installation offshore

How to determine your wind instruments optimum heights?

Wind speed increases considerably with height, particularly over rough terrain. For this particular reason, the exposure of wind instruments has been defined to a standard height of 10m above open terrain. Sensors should be kept away from local obstructions as much as possible. When wind instruments are placed on top of a building, they should be raised at least one building width above the top.

determine wind instruments optimum heights

How to test a wind measurement site?

Once identified, it may be relevant to test each wind measurement site in order to define potential implementation issues. It is usually recommended to place your wind measurement station as far away as possible from local obstructions to the wind. It is also critical to select a location that is representative of the majority of the site.