Which meteorological equipment is required to implement a wind alarm system?

Meteorological sensors are best selected based on the requirements of the application.

The integration of each sensor must take into consideration the logging requirements, the necessary power supply for the equipment and the range of wind alerts needed.

Each sensor is being tested individually and fully assembled to make sure the coherence of the measurements.

The Automatic Weather Station is now ready for installation.

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Which observation instrument should be considered on a typical wind system?

The first step to designing a Wind-alarm system is to assess the needs of your application. Users may select All-In-One wind monitoring solutions or search among a large range of weather sensors engineered differently to suit each application requirement.



Which wind sensor is best suited for your application?

Choosing the appropriate wind measurement equipment depends on your type of application. Short term deployment strongly differs from permanent weather station installation. Unique applications such as Offshore deployment, or operation in cold environment will also need to meet specific requirements.


Which instruments may be relevant to your wind installation?

After selecting appropriate wind sensors tailored to the application, users must consider the integration of the equipment.  A typical system entails major components (the sensor, a tower or support, a smart logging choice), as well as peripherals (the software, connectivity to the logger and sensor, a meteorological display, an appropriate power supply, wiring, earth grounding, IP rated enclosures and alarm solutions able to provide immediate wind alerts).



Where to procure the best wind sensor systems?

With countless types, shapes and prices of wind sensors, it can be extremely overwhelming to choose the best instruments for your application. Choosing a trusted brand with a good level of specification is generally a guaranty of quality. Integration can also be easier when the equipment is purchased from the same sensor manufacturer.


How to test wind equipment prior field deployment?

Testing & calibrating each sensor individually will help you to pinpoint potential calibration issues and will facilitate the integration. Always test your complete Wind-Alarm system in a controlled environment prior to proceeding to field installation. Unsure you prepared all the tools and necessary spares to perform the installation in good conditions.


How to install an Automatic Weather Station?

Depending on the level of complexity of your installation, you may require multiple technicians to help you. Any installation dealing with Alternative Current (AC) should be performed and verified by a trained and Accredited Electrician.