WIND ALARMS is a brand of wind sensor and wind speed monitoring products manufactured and marketed by the Observator Instruments. Observator Instruments is a division of the Observator Group which specialises in the development and manufacturing of Wind Alarms high accuracy field use Wind Sensors. Observator Instruments sells it’s Wind Alarms products directly to many tier one scientific and multiparameter manufacturers or  it’s own line of  Wind Alarms sensors direct or through it’s Observator Distributor Network.

Observator Instruments has been manufacturing Wind Alarm sensors for XX years and is recognised as an industry leader for accuracy and innovation.

Who is Observator Instruments?

Observator develops and delivers sensors, services and turn-key systems for meteorological and hydrological monitoring. Deliveries can range from a single sensors to the installation of an integrated system of meteorological or hydrological measurement stations including telemetry and data processing.

Our product range includes: anemometers, wind systems, helideck monitoring systems, rain gauges, weather monitoring systems, road condition sensors, water level & quality sensors, data buoys and many more.

Where are WIND ALARM Products manufactured ?

ANALITE, SYNCHROTAC, and RIMCO brand products are all manufactured in Melbourne Australia at Observator Instruments Pty Ltd.

The Observator Instruments Pty Ltd product mix is as follows:

  • ANALITE – Turbidity Sensors, multiparameter water quality systems, and dredge monitoring solutions
  • SYNCHROTAC – Heavy Duty Wind speed and direction sensors
  • RIMCO –  High accuracy and Heavy Duty tipping bucket rain gauges
  • GILL – Ultrasonic Wind speed and direction sensors
  • SYSTEMS INTEGRATION – Wind, weather, water quality monitoring solutions.
  • R&D – Product development for internal and external clients.

Our products are offered as off-the-shelf stock items or customised systems to clients individual needs.

Observator Instruments Pty Ltd exports worldwide direct or through it’s global distributor network.

How do I find out more about Your Products?

To find out more about WIND ALARM products or any of the other Observator Instruments Products, emails us at . Alternatively if you are in our time zone (or close) feel free to give us a call at PHONE +613 870 650 00. We are also happy for you to come by our factory at  8-10 Keith Campbell Ct, Scoresby VIC 3179.

See you soon!

What is the WIND ALARM difference?

There are several things which differentiate WIND ALARM products from our competitors and they are as follows:

  • Versatility in sensor output modes meets all industry standards.
  • Quality in design and manufacture means a long service life.

Why should I buy WIND ALARMS?

Because 3000 plus end users from scientific, research, industrial, mining, military, environmental, and government say so!

Can I order online?

We do not have an e-commerce and online ordering facility. Ordering of our product does require interaction to determine the most suitable solutions.

Will I receive an order confirmation?

Order confirmations are sent immediately and will indicate purchased item and pricing, plus delivery date.

How long is delivery time?

Most items are in stock, but may require custom configuration. Please allow 1 to 3 weeks.

What payment methods are accepted?

We accept credit card and electronic transfer for domestic orders. We only accept bank transfers for international orders.

What payment currencies are accepted?

We prefer payments in Australian Dollars, but we do have USD and Euro accounts.

Can I get payment terms?

Domestic customers may apply for payment terms.

What is the warranty period?

We warranty our products for one year. We allow additional time for resellers who on-sell. We also offer extended warranty on some products, but require a commitment to purchase a maintenance agreement.

How do I process a warranty claim?

there is a warranty and return for service facility on the Observator website. We require serial numbers, problem description, and then we will issue a “returned material authorisation” RMA number.


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Any Questions ?

Please feel free to contact us by phone or email to learn about our products and our company.

Most of our products can be simple to operate and others may have complex configuration or operating instructions. We understand your time is valuable so we are here to help.

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