MeteoLink Meteorological Station


A Meteorological or HydroMeteorological station, normally consists of a set of sensors, depending on the required parameters and a central (conditioning, translator, data logger) unit. In high-demanding markets, each of the sensors has its own specific location and required accuracy.

MeteoLink gives users the ability to ‘link’ these sensors into one chain and has one combined output containing measurements as well as sensor-specific information, such as type, serial number, and runtimes. Adding sensors, analog or provided with serial output, was never easier using the internal browser of MeteoLink.


Product Description


MeteoLink uses two kinds of nodes:

  • A basic-node able to read in two RS422 signals and a sensor specific signal
  • A smart-node used at the last in chain and provided with the internal browser, in which the total chain- output is created, including parameter-labeling, calculations, output format, and baud-rate.

Preconfigured Sensor-Nodes:

  • OIC-406 Temperature, humidity node
  • OIC-504 Barometric smart node
  • OIC-506 Barometric smart node
  • OIC-604 Solar radiation node



Technical specs

  • Inputs: 2 pcs RS422 NMEA0183; 0..5 Vdc; 0/4..20 mA; serial (RS232, RS422, RS485 or CMOS)
  • Output: NMEA0183 (with standardized or XDR identifier and node-specific information added to this)
  • Inputs: same as basic-node, 0..5 Vdc, pulse and RS485 added to this
  • Outputs: RS422 NMEA0183, Ethernet
  • Internal Browser


Download MeteoLink Spec
Download MeteoLink Manual



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