IoT Gateway Compact Weather Station


The IoT-GATEWAY is a multifunctional data collection, control and telemetry system that employs the ultra-low power Windows-embedded operating system.

The OIC-IoT GATEWAY consists of a wide selection of connectivity options using its Windows 10 built-in network and web support (e.g. TCP/IP, FTP, MQTT over Wi-Fi, LAN or Mobil 4G).

The OIC-IoT GATEWAY comprises of high-level connectivity options such as communicating directly to SQL database, direct communication to ASP and PHP data services including direct cloud connectivity.

Standard remote connectivity tools such as windows RDP and TeamViewer solutions can be used as local and remote visualization solution.

A wide variety of communication hardware options are available such as standard Wi-Fi, standard LAN connectivity and 4G/5G.


Product Description


Key Features:

• Ability to process real-time data from fast incoming data streams such as fast wind sensors then save the result to its built-in 10GB flash memory with an option to save RAW data.

• Ability to maintain multiple data connection at the same time with different systems (e.g. having active RDP connection while uploading data to data server).

• Low power operation.

• Ability to integrate camera.

• Built-in GPIO capability to control various hardware.

• Ability to add or expand to various communication ports using standard USB connectivity.

• Flexible programming and updates can be delivered via Wi-Fi or 4G

(Industrial PC).



Technical specs

Temperature Operating Range:

  • – 25° to +50°C

Power Consumption:
  • 10V to 24V, 3.5W to 4.5W

  • WiFi, LAN, 4G LTE

Connectivity Protocol:
  • FTP , HTTP , XML, POP3, SMTP with direct communication to SQL database, direct communication to ASP and PHP data services, many cloud-based data services such as Amazon IOT, Microsoft Azure

Digital IO via add in:
  • RS422, RS232, SDI12

  • C# via Visual studio (Pre-program from the factory for each user)

Internal storage:
  • 10 GB

Camera option:
  • Yes

Direct alarm Alerting:
  • SMS and Emails

  • Depends on selected options

  • Depends on selected options


Download IoT-Gateway Spec
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