Mesonet Trailer Network

 What is a Mesonet?
A Mesonet is a network of automated weather and environmental monitoring stations designed to observe localized meteorological phenomena. Observator Automatic Weather Station Network provides accurate Climatological information (to WMO weather standards) which can also be used to prevent the occurrence of crop damage resulting from spray drift.

Product Description

Why choosing observator Mesonet?

Observator highly accurate range of weather sensors include wind, rain, solar, temperature, humidity and barometric pressure parameters. Our Mesonet-AWS-Trailers are scalable and can be custom integrated to meet specific requirements achieving a high level of accuracy. With a unique ability to measure Weather parameters at various heights, Observator Mesonet is the ideal solution for remote long-term monitoring to reduce the risks of crop spray errors. The Observator “IoT Gateway” is an ideal data collection and telemetry tool which can record high speed, real-time data and can perform mathematical functions to create derived parameters. These capabilities cannot be matched by traditional data loggers, which are expensive to purchase and cumbersome to program. The IoT-Gateway has two-way communication to allow for remote diagnostics and configuration. Our station structures are robust and easy to deploy. We offer small structures up to full 10-meter foldable trailers. We also offer solar and diesel powered moveable trailered solutions. The Trailer option is ideal for quick deployment in remote locations where sunlight is not ideal. It comes with a Diesel Generator (110L, 0.55L/h fuel consumption), for up to 200 hour-operations. With a proven experience in deploying large scale Automatic Sensor Networks, Observator has developed a unique expertise in designing critical Weather Observation Systems.


Field Application

Designed to operate under the Mesonet Network as a research tool, the Mesonet-AWS-Trailers are fully customizable with Observator’s full-range of sensors and integration solutions. Automatic Weather Stations are optimized for remote Agricultural applications and are available in many configurations. Applications include:

  • Agricultural (crop, leaf symptoms & damages)
  • Air Quality and health
  • Coastal & Harbors
  • Commercial Applications
  • Ecosystem Monitoring
  • Energy
  • Farming
  • Fire & droughts
  • Heavy Weather Monitoring


Sensor Option

Mesonet 10-meter Trailers can be fitted with a customisable range of parameters.

Typical sensors include Wind, Precipitation, Temperature, Humidity, Barometric, Air Pollution, Soil Moisture & Temperature, Solar Radiation and optical camera systems.



The OIC-IoT-GATEWAY is multifunctional data collection, control and telemetry system that employs an ultra-low power Windows-embedded operating system.


  • WiFi, LAN, 4G LTE Cellular Network.
Power Consumption:
  • 10V to 24V, 3.5W to 4.5W
Internal storage:
  • 10GB
Direct Alarm alerting:
  • SMS & Emails
Temperature Operating Range:
  • -25° to +50°C

Temperature Humidity & Barometric


  • Temperature, Humidity, and Barometric pressure
Measurement range:
  • Temperature: -20°C to +70°C Relative Humidity: 0 to 100% Barometric: 10 to 2,000mbar
  • Temperature: ±0.1°C Relative Humidity: ±3% Barometric: ±4mbar
  • Temperature: 0.01°C Relative Humidity: 0.04% RH Barometric: 0.1mbar
  • 6-10mA @ 12VDC

3-Axis Ultrasonic Anemometer


  • Wind Speed, Direction, Sonic Temperature
  • 0-50m/s Accuracy: <1.5% RMS @12 m/s
  • 0-359°
  • Accuracy: 2° @12 m/s
  • RS232, 422, 485, Binary
  • Low Power consumption
  • Corrosion-Free

Rimco Rain Gauge


  • Precipitation
Collector Diameter:
  • 203mm (8’’) ± 0.2mm
  • 0.2mm, 0.25mm, 0.5mm
  • ±1% to 200mm/hr.
  • ±3% to 380mm/hr.
  • A rugged mounting pedestal that elevates the collection RIM 1m above ground level or to custom specifications.


Download Mesonet-Trailer Spec (available soon)



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