Solar Option

The solar module consists of all necessary features and hardware to support many remote weather station and alike with uninterruptible and self-sustaining 12VDC power.

The module is constructed using sheet metal stainless steel and water sealed electronics (IP67) that can be polled mounted or rest on the flow.


Product Description

Heavy duty Solar option for remote weather stations

Included features and hardware.
• IP67 electrical assembly that stands for heavy rain and dust.
• Strong stainless-steel construction can be used in heavy windy installations.
• Option of customizing the battery capacity and solar panel wattage.
• Built-in solar regulator, battery charger and battery management system.


Technical specs


  • 1.2m X 0.4m X 0.6m
  • Depends on battery size
Solar panel options:
  • 100W, 250W and 300W
Battery options:
  • 12V, 100Ah and 12V, 200Ah
Electrical Features:
  • Battery overcharge protection.
  • Battery overcurrent protection.
  • Low voltage cut-out at 10.5V.
  • DC voltage output range of 10.5V to 14V.


Download Solar option Spec
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