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Emerging Observing Technologies for Port Operations

With the rising competition in the Port Operations and Maritime facilities, new challenges are faced to create cost reductions and efficiencies, while operating in increasing challenging environments.

Employees safety must be ensured using the most advanced Wind-Alarm technology adapted to the Maritime Environment.


  • Which challenges are currently being faced for Port Operations?

  • How can we maintain productivity using Wind-Alarm monitoring systems?

  • How to select the best instruments to match Maritime Safety standards?

Monitoring Port Operations using Wind-Alarms Systems

Container offloading ports and logistic storage yards must optimize throughput while maintaining operational safety as paramount. Empty and full containers are stacked to maximum heights, for best utilization of available land, and this creates new safety challenges when facing high wind and weather scenarios. In the context of the Blue Economy, the need to monitor high winds, and have an efficient process of informing labor in adverse events, is important in maintaining safety and productivity.


While Port Operations are challenged to increase their productivity, they must maintain the safety of their personal


Gaining productivity while increasing safety for Port Operations

Cranes used for vessel offloading have automatic intervention to stop work. Container storage yards and logistic terminals do not, and therefore require several alarms systems and other means of communication to ensure internal and external staff can be trained to respond according to a safety plan. There are many methods of high wind detection, data retention, and alarm management available. There are various systems to choose from or which can be designed to meet differing operation requirements.


Keeping your personal safe using the best wind sensors adapted to Maritime applications


Selecting the best instruments for Maritime Applications

Observator has been in the maritime instrumentation industry for 90 years in total and we have since built our business in providing terrestrial and maritime meteorological instrumentation and systems. The fact that our Synchrotac anemometer is the only one approved by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology and has recorded the highest recorded wind speed on the planet attests to our ability to accurately report wind events.


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