Uncover MET-LINK Portable Compact Weather Station

This month, Observator Instruments is uncovering “MET-LINK” a wireless interface for the Gill Maximet line of weather sensors.

This new development allows the user to pair the Gill Maximet’s weather sensor to a tablet or phone application and monitor your favourite parameters!


  • Which applications fits your Gill Instruments Maximet wireless interface?

  • How do you mount your Gill Instruments Maximet wireless interface?


MET-LINK-Gill-Instruments-Case-1Quick deployment for Gill Instruments compact weather stations

MET-LINK has been designed for your Portable Bluetooth interface. Its Weather display and logging interface makes it ideal to monitor Maximet sensor accurate weather parameters. Typical applications and uses for our wireless interface includes:

  • Quick & Remote Deployments
  • Portable Accurate weather readings
  • Fire Fighting
  • Tactical / Defence
  • Civil works and Safety
  • Wind related sports


Very easy to deploy, our portable wireless interface can easily be mounted & powered in the field


MET-LINK-Gill-Instruments-Wireless-Handheld-10A quick deployment versatile stand for Gill Instruments Maximet Wireless Interface

Simple to operate, easy to charge, MET-LINK-STAND provides a very strong support to face heavy wind and strong weather conditions. MET-LINK-STAND has been designed for quick deployment & versatile features and is ideal for pole attachment, Photography & Tripod attachment.