Third Worldwide Biggest reseller of Gill Instruments products

Over the years Observator Instruments has excelled in integrating the best weather sensors in the world and provide entirely new features!

In 2018, the company has reached a new peak.

Combining its solutions with Gill Instruments, it quickly became the 3rd biggest reseller of Gill instruments in the world!


This ultimate partnership has helped both companies to enter entirely new markets in the Meteorological Industry.



  • Which weather product was the most demanded this year?

  • Are there other successful combinations of Gill Instruments products?

  • What is next for Gill Instruments in Australia & New-Zealand?


Mesonet Networks is the most demanded product using Gill Instruments Sensors!

A huge demand for a simple application! Observator Mesonet System provides a fully integrated weather monitoring and warning system which can be used to monitor the presence of adverse conditions for crop spraying. With over 50 Mesonet-Tower and Mesonet-Trailer sold in the past few months, the demand for Gill Instruments sensors has exploded and it became challenging to meet all demands!



Mesonet-Networks are not the only huge consumers of Gill Instruments sensors



More Gill Instruments sensors fitted almost everywhere!




“MET-LINK” a wireless interface for the Gill Maximet line of weather sensors. This new development allows the user to pair the Gill Maximet’s weather sensor to a tablet or phone application and monitor your favourite parameters!










The quick-deployment relocatable Wind-Alarm-Trailer is an emergency solution to monitor high-wind and weather on the go. Ideal for Port operations, the Wind-Alarm-Trailer provides wind and weather alerts in order to comply with WHS regulations. Wind-Alarm-Trailers are ideal for emergency response and can be rented for short-term usage.










OMC-139 Wind Display and OMC-140 Touch Screen Display can be fitted with Gill Instruments sensor to provide critical wind speed and direction visualisation.


New Gill Instruments products features on a New Gill Instruments Australian Website



Gill Instruments featured on the Australian Market

With the utmost success of the past year, Observator Instruments has partnered with Gill Instruments to propose a new web platform to support Australian and New-Zealand Gill customers. In May 2019, the new website powered by Observator Instruments will be fully operational to support Gill Instruments customers in Oceania!