WindObserver IS – Intrinsically Safe

The WindObserver IS system is particularly suited to offshore oil production platforms, support tankers, drilling platforms, onshore petrochemical plants and other hazardous petrochemical environments.

The system provides wind speed and direction data for use in producing offshore meteorological observations in accordance with UK CAA CAP 437.


Product Description

WindObserver IS

The WindObserver IS is certified as ‘Intrinsically Safe’ for use in the ‘Hazardous Area’, whilst the associated power and communications interface is located in the ‘Non-Hazardous Area’.

The ATEX and IECEx certification ensures that the wind system may be deployed on a worldwide basis without the need for expensive local recertification.

The system requires no regular maintenance, beyond a visual check, eliminating in-service maintenance costs in the offshore environment where the installation of reliable low maintenance equipment is essential.

Customer selectable vector rolling average and 3-second gust in accordance with WMO – No. 8 Seventh Edition 2008 ISBN 978-92-63-10008-5.


Technical specs


  • ATEX and IECEx certification
  • Low voltage or mains voltage power supplies
  • Galvanic isolation
  • Gill or NMEA digital output
  • Averaging gusts to WMO guidelines
  • Reduce offshore maintenance costs
  • 0-75m/s wind speed operation
  • Over 10 years of proven service worldwide
  • Factory calibrated for life


Download WindObserver IS Spec
Download WindObserver II Manual



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