WindObserver 75

The WindObserver 75 has been developed for measuring higher wind speeds in extreme weather environments featuring 150 Watts of electrical heating power in the anemometer head.

This anemometer has been designed to remain ice-free in most freezing weather conditions.

The sensor provides data via RS422/RS485 bidirectional link, which allows several units to be networked together and data logged on demand.


Product Description

WindObserver 75

With innovative transducer design, this anemometer boasts a very high wind speed range of 0 – 75 m/s (0-168mph) and gives an output status indicating the validity of data so that you can be confident that the instrument is providing accurate information.

Constructed from Stainless steel this anemometer meets the stringent performance criteria specified by wind turbine manufacturers, airports, marine, oil and gas production, and meteorological organisations around the world.

Customer selectable vector rolling average and 3-second gust in accordance with WMO – No. 8 Seventh Edition 2008 ISBN 978-92-63-10008-5.


Technical specs


  • Heating power 7A @24VAC or DC (1W/cm2)
  • 0-75m/s Wind Speed range
  • 0-359° Wind Direction range (no dead band)
  • Wind speed accuracy for turbine control ±1% within ±25° of datum
  • Calibration traceable to national standards
  • IP66 rated stainless steel construction
  • Optional base mounts/cable exit
  • Averaging/gusts to WMO guidelines
  • Building Controls/Structural Safety
  • High Altitude Mountainous Regions
  • Arctic/Antarctic Weather monitoring
  • Marine Vessel Dynamic Positioning Systems
  • Wind Turbine Control
  • Road & Rail Tunnels/Transport Safety
  • Ports & Harbours
  • Aircraft Landing Systems


Download WindObserver 75 Spec
Download WindObserver 75 Manual



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