WindObserver 70

The WindObserver 70 is a solid state, heated ultrasonic anemometer designed for use within the aviation industry and for more extreme weather conditions.


Product Description

WindObserver 70

The sensor has been accepted for service by both the FAA Federal Aviation Administration (USA) and the CAA Civil Aviation Authority (UK) for the observation and reporting of surface wind. This WindObserver meets the requirements of Annex 3 to the Convention on International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) when supplied as part of a suitable AWOS*.

With 150 Watts of electrical heating in the anemometer head producing 1 Watt/cm2 and tested in accordance with MILSTD810F, the unit is particularly suited to operate as part of Aviation Automatic Weather Observing Systems, which are often exposed to extreme weather conditions. Manufactured from stainless steel with no moving parts the sensor requires no on-site calibration and minimal maintenance.

Customer selectable vector rolling average and 3-second gust in accordance with WMO – No. 8 Seventh Edition 2008 ISBN 978-92-63-10008-5.

*Accepted by the FAA & CAA for the observation and reporting of surface wind as part of a suitable AWOS (Automatic Weather Observing System)


Technical specs


  • FAA & CAA accepted* for airport applications
  • Heating power 7A @24VAC or DC (1W/cm2)
  • 0-70m/s Wind Speed range
  • 0-359° Wind Direction range (no dead band)
  • Calibration traceable to national standards
  • IP66 rated stainless steel construction
  • Optional base mounts/cable exit
  • Averaging/gusts to WMO guidelines
  • Aviation Weather Observing Systems
  • Aircraft Landing Systems
  • Remote Meteorological Systems
  • Helicopter Landing Pads
  • Transport Safety


Download WindObserver 70 Spec
Download WindObserver 70 Manual



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