SYN-710 – Wind speed & Direction

The Synchrotac 710 Series of wind speed and direction sensors are designed for general-purpose wind measuring applications.

They are constructed from corrosion resistant materials and incorporate precision sealed stainless steel bearings for reliability and low starting threshold.

The sensors can be individually mounted directly to a pipe mast with a ½ inch BSP male thread or as a pair on the optional cross arm or mounting sickle.


Product Description

SYN-710 – Wind speed & Direction

Models The Synchrotac SYN710-1965 wind speed sensor (anemometer) generates a DC voltage proportional to wind speed and requires no external power.

The Synchrotac SYN710-1970 anemometer uses optoelectronic techniques to produce voltage pulses at a rate proportional to wind speed and requires external power whereas the Synchrotac SYN710-1980 uses a magnet/reed switch assembly to actuate a momentary contact closure every cup set revolution and requires no external power.

The Synchrotac SYN710-2900 wind vane uses a precision potentiometer to produce a voltage proportional to wind direction. The Synchrotac SYN710-2900 requires an external reference voltage supply for the precision potentiometer.

All Synchrotac SYN710 sensors are available in optional stainless steel construction.

The SYN710 sensors are also available in loop powered 4-20mA output versions and information is available under a separate data sheet (SYN710-3000 series).

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Technical specs

Cup Diameter:

  • 45mm
Circle Diameter:
  • 130mm
Body Diameter:
  • 41.5mm
Body Height:
  • 170mm
Mass of Cup Set:
  • 20g
  • 565g
  • ½ inch BSP female thread
Body Material:
  • Brass, optional SS
Cup Set Material:
  • Fibreglass reinforced phenolic
  • Two stainless steel roller balls, sealed with low viscosity lubricant
Transfer Coefficient:
  • 0.0526 km/hr per rpm
  • 0.9m of wind run per revolution
Wind Speed:
  • Over 50m/sec (180km/hr.)


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