Discover our new Temperature Humidity & Barometric Sensor

A new generation of High-Accuracy Temperature Humidity & Barometric sensor developed by Observator Instruments has just been released!

The new SYN-THB-HS is simply the most accurate combined instrument.

Mounted inside three double louvered naturally aspirated radiation shields, the instruments provide the highest-response time for each measurement.


  • What makes our Temperature Humidity & Barometric sensor so accurate

  • What applications are covered by the Temperature Humidity & Barometric sensor?



A high response-time for each measurement

The sensing elements consist of a platinum RTD for temperature sensing, a capacitive humidity sensor and a piezo-resistive pressure sensor. It measures accurate air temperature, Humidity and absolute barometric pressure. The sensor was designed to operate in extreme weather conditions.


The High sensor accuracy makes it ideal for a wide range of applications


Temperature Humidity & Barometric Sensor Applications

Because the SYN-THB-HS is lightweight and extremely robust, it makes it ideal for a variety of high-accuracy applications including:

  • Agricultural
  • Building Controls
  • Coastal & Harbors
  • Commercial Applications
  • Energy
  • Safety Controls
  • Transport