Which wind sensor is best suited for your application?

Choosing the appropriate wind measurement equipment depends on your type of application.

Short term deployment strongly differs from permanent weather station installation.

Unique applications such as Offshore deployment, or operation in cold environment will also need to meet specific requirements.


Wind Monitoring Stations for all types of Applications

Wind equipment should be tailored to the environment of the intended location (e.g., weather extremes, dust, salt) and the remoteness (i.e., whether data is retrieved manually or via communication link). Sensors should reliably measure the selected parameters at the prescribed heights for the full monitoring duration and at the specified levels of accuracy. The equipment should also be proven, affordable, and user-friendly. Complete monitoring systems can be purchased from Observator Instruments or components can combined from different suppliers.

Wind alarms are rapidly gaining popularity in various industries including but are not limited to:

  • Maritime industry
  • Power & Energy
  • Transport 
  • Scientific research
  • Industrial Applications and Building Controls

Which wind sensor solution is adapted to the Maritime industry?

With the increasing requirements for instrumental measurements of wind over the sea, the Maritime industry has opened new meteorological challenges. Automatic unattended instruments deployed in this harsh environment must face the harshest conditions including high-wind, humidity and corrosion. New types of wind instruments and standards have been implemented to handle those specific requirements.



How to choose a wind sensor in the Power & Energy industry?

The Energy industry counts numerous examples of wind measurement applications which can be used for solar panel, wind turbines, coal and fumes and even mining requirements!